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Southshore Fitness
243 McAffee St.
Phone: 519-981-5953 (519-981-1241)
Now Open 24-7 - Southshore Fitness is centrally located in the Harrow arena and is open 24hrs a day, seven days a week. We offer over 44 machines including Cybex, Hammer Strength, Atlantis, Stair Master, Reebok and many more. We also have 12 cardio machines, free weights from 3lbs to 110lbs and a speed bag/heavy bag combo.
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We Are Open 24/7 For Your Convenience
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Direct link to Security One, Police and Ambulance.
Office Hours
Mondays   5:00pm - 8:00pm
Tuesdays   5:00pm - 8:00pm
Wednesdays 9am-1130am 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Thursdays   5:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday 9am-1130am  
For an Appointment call 519-981-5953
Besides the Usual Gym Stuff, What Else Do We Have?
Outdoor Track
There is an outside dirt track located just feet from our facility behind the arena for those of you who like the road work.
Tennis Courts
Right outside our front door are 3 full tennis courts open during the warm months. We have tennis rackets for our members to use so you don;t have to worry about bringing them.
Heavy Bag / Speed Bag Combo
It uses your whole body. You need to use your arms, back, mid section and legs all in unison to throw a decent punch. For this reason you get a full body workout.
Workout Accessories
We have step boxes, exercise bands, medicine balls, bosu balls and exercise balls in house. We also have a skate trainer and lots of ab machines
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to wear?
Enclosed, clean, soft soled shoes and comfortable, cool clothing.
What do I need to bring to?
You should bring a water bottle to fill at our purified water station. We do not have a water fountain.
Where can I store my personal items while I'm training?
We have lockers in the change room for you to store your stuff. Please bring your own lock and don't forget to take it home!
Do I have to be fit to join Southshore Fitness?
Anyone can join or gym. Our aim is to help everyone achieve their goals regardless of their experience or fitness levels. If you think you may need to check with your GP please do. We can help you achieve your goals by giving you a general training program or try one of our trainers for a more in depth fitness assessment.
Do I need a personal trainer?
Personal trainers are great motivators and ensure that you follow proper form to maximize your results. They also provide a fitness assessment to fit the right exercises to your needs.
Membership Costs
All rates included HST - FOB KEY $20 extra
Yearly Membership
Adults (1 year ): $35.00 monthly - $420.00 total
2 Adults (1 year) : $30.00 each monthly - $360.00 each per year
Students (1 Year) : $27.50 monthly - $330.00 total
2 Students (1 Year) : $26.00 monthly - $312.00 each per year
Seniors (1 year) : $27.50 monthly - $330.00 total
Other Memberships
6 Months : $260.00 paid up front or in 2 cheques
2 People - 6 Months : $220.00 each paid up front or in 2 cheques
3 Months : $145.00 paid up front
3 Months Student and Seniors : $110.00 paid up front
Two People - 3 Months : $110.00 each paid up front
1 Month : $55.00 paid up front
Two People 1 Month : $45.00 each paid up front
Research Station Students : 4 month co-op $145 plus $20 FOB paid all up front
*Also for summer student rates
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